In Memoriam: Mahbub Ali


Sometimes while sitting
Late at night
When lights are out
And the fire burns low,
Our wistful eyes
See in the brand
Your face as it looked
Long ago;

And then we open
Memory's book
And search
The bygone past
To live again
Those treasures stored
Within our hearts,
While life shall last.


Mahbub Ali '52, a pioneer in Apparel Business in Bangladesh who steered Habib Group into new era of business with his charismatic leadership, passed away on 26 September, 2010. He built Habib Group as one of the leading conglomerates of Bangladesh. His is still a source of a consistent vision and strategy for the business, by the workforce of Habib Group. Such continuity of leadership is a key strength in closely held businesses: while core beliefs or values are sustained—people throughout the organization are able to enact the business' strategy consistently and with conviction and purpose.

Mahbub Ali is not forgotten, nor ever shall he be. As long as life and memory last we shall remember him. His smiling way and pleasant face are a pleasure to recall; he had a kindly word for each and died beloved by all. There is a link death cannot sever. Love and Remembrance last forever. His memory is as dear today as in the hour he passed away. In his death let us all breathe renewed life into the ideal which meant so much to him.